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What is this site?

The Copyright Complaint Resolution Center is the site where you can resolve any complaints of copyright violations linked to your account or computer that have been sent to Stanford in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). According to our records, there are no unresolved complaints for the computer you are currently using. To check the status of complaints for other computers linked to your account, go to Resolution Status and log in.

Anyone can view and study the training materials and then take the quiz.

Three Strikes Policy

The University has created a "three strikes" policy for dealing with DMCA takedown notices:

  • For the first incident, your machine's credentials will be restored after you demonstrate that you understand the issues by passing a quiz and affirming your future law-abiding intentions.
  • For a second allegation, your network credentials will be inactivated for four calendar days after you demonstrate that you understand the issues by passing and affirming your future law-abiding intentions.
  • A third allegation will require a student Judicial Process and generally will remove your network access for at least one academic quarter.
Note: Violators at any level also run the risk of a lawsuit from the copyright holder which can cost thousands of dollars (or more).

How do copyright complaints get resolved?

After passing a quiz, users have access to the details of complaints received regarding computers that list them as registered users. Every complaint requires a response through this web site in order to be resolved. In case the registration information for a computer is out of date, the current user of a machine can volunteer to respond to complaints for that machine.

What happens when copyright complaints are not resolved?

If a complaint goes unresolved for too long (generally two business days after the registered user is notified of the complaint), then network access for the machine in question will be restricted (if it has not already been restricted). The machine will be unable to access most sites other than this one until the complaints are resolved.

This site requires a SUNetID

All Stanford affiliates, students, staff, and faculty should resolve their copyright complaints using this web site by logging in through WebAuth with their SUNetID. If you do not have a SUNetID and receive a copyright complaint, you will not be able to log in. In that case, you can call the Information Security Office at 650-723-2911 to arrange for resolution of the copyright complaints attributed to you. Please refer to the SU# incident number(s) from the Subject line of your notification emails when you call.

Next Step

Your next step is to Read the training materials and Take the quiz.